The Baby Who Wouldn’t Be Aborted

by Adam Zens (picture by Dotty Zens)

Luke from Star Wars needs to recognize God’s hand in bringing new life into the world. Luke’s grandson just refused to be aborted. From all appearances, this baby had a lot of people trying to abort him.

It seems that Mark Hamill has been applying pressure to his son’s girlfriend to have his grandchild aborted. Thatis sad news. So much for the girlfriend’s “choice” in the matter. She aborted her first child which left her scarred and depressed. Initially, she went along with the family wishes and agreed to havea second abortion against her better judgment. But it was just not meant to be.

Her appointment for a surgical abortion was cancelled and she tried a medical abortion by taking abortifacient pills.  These pills caused bleeding but did not effectively abort the child. After this latter attempt, she decided that this child was supposed to live. What’s so crazy about this story is that it doesn’t end there! Her “choice” apparently did not carry much weight with the prospective father or grandparents who began harassing her and threatening that their son would abandon her and leave her alone as a single parent if she
kept the child. The plot further thickens when they scheduled another abortion surgery for her without her consent. This family does not give up easily. The reason that the grandparents gave for having the abortion is that theirson, Nathan, was not ready to be a father. What soon-to-be father really thinks that he is ready to be a father and since
when does a man have to use his parents to speak for him to his girlfriend?

Even though this is morally tragic display for grandparents who are attempting to shield their son from the consequences of his own reproductive actions, it is instructive on some level. Mark and Marilou Hamill are right that it is very difficult to bear and rear a
child without a mother and father.

I am all for two parents. It takes a mother and father to bring a child into the world and it takes the duo to rear that child. Any disruption in that pattern results in social and emotional chaos. There is a significant relationship between the act of procreation
and the responsibility for taking care of that child when it later enters the world. Even for those who believe that abortion is (or should be) a more normative experience can know the harrowing experience of being without the support of the father during the decision to abort, as Laurie Abraham reports about her first abortion.

In our society, parents, and especially mothers, are strongly encouraged to abort their child when there is a prenatal diagnosis that suggests a Down Syndrome child is in the womb. Statistically, you are likely to never take a breath if your mother receives this sort of diagnosis.

As to the negative publicity that this situation will bring on the Hamill family, it’s tragic, but it can be overcome by one person taking responsibility for his actions. Who knows if the baby who would not be aborted will ever be loved, or even acknowledged, by
his paternal grandparents or his biological father?

Talk about having to grab a kicking and screaming man-boy and to drag him into the world of becoming a new father! Sheesh!

Who’s up for a Star Wars movie boycott?


Audiobook Nook

Our worldview has a lot of influence on how we see our fellow human beings. They can either be precious and made in the image of God or they can be the result of a blind, evolutionary process which does not see any inherent value in perpetuating human life and flourishing. In Worldview Apologetics (Amazon ebook/audio), Christian apologist, Pradeep Tilak goes from apologetics theory to tackling the engagement of others who have a non-Christian outlook and may not even comprehend the basic value of human life in a world fashioned by God. Obviously, the abortion industry has a vested interest in promoting a world-view where one human life can easily be sacrificed to not inconvenience another human life. The author offers some ways that worldview proponents and opponents might graciously challenge each other while learning about their philosophy of life in the process. One great talking point between abortion proponents and opponents is the historical tendency for abortion propaganda and access to be aimed at one particular minority, such as African-Americans.

One fictional TV character who had an abortion in order to further her and her husband’s careers is Claire Underwood of the Netflix production, House of Cards. The director of HoC is fairly honest about portraying how the loss of that child may have irreparably hurt the bond between Frank and Claire and has caused them both pain in perhaps undefinable ways. Another fictional TV character who did not abort her first child, even though her conception resulted from the rape of a sibling, is Norma Bates of Bates Motel fame. This story does develop, to some extent, how emotionally damaged her son became without knowing who his true father was or why his mother was so emotionally distant from him.



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