Pass the Third Party, Please!

By Adam Zens

Amid yet another secrecy-oriented scandal in the Clinton campaign whereby a certain leader of the DNC who was plotting for Hillary and against the senator from Vermont and renewed revelations of corruption in Trump’s quarters to the effect that he is ripping off workers who contract with him (big surprise!), many Americans have grown tired of the cliche about “voting for the lesser evil.” There is no “lesser” here! Maybe that’s a good thing since voters are increasingly seeking out third-party candidates to support this November. Granted, those of us on this path will be told in no uncertain terms that we are “throwing away” our vote since third-party candidates don’t have much of a “shot.” Yes, there will be those who are so partisan and/or #NeverTrump or #NeverHillary that they will step out and vote for the presumed “lesser evil” to try to make their vote count. “It’s time,” they will no doubt urge, “to drink that hemlock for the greater good.” But while this line of reasoning may be convincing to some, some of us need to vote with our consciences “front and center.”

 Drinking the hemlock
Expansion of the Executive Branch

Voting for a lesser evil is not the only reason, however, to reconsider supporting a third-party presidential candidate this year. Expansion of the federal executive branch under *both* George W. Bush and Barack Obama is significant and, some would say, downright alarming. It isn’t simply the number of new executive orders which are issued that should pique the curiosity of Americans who might be thinking that this “backburner” issue certainly deserves a wee bit more attention in the “balance of powers” referred to in the Constitution.

Just ponder these questions for a moment:

Has either Trump or Hillary even mentioned the cause of limited federal executive powers as an objective or priority? 

Has either one spoken out against the reckless use of executive orders by any of their predecessors?

How about using the “War on Terrorism” as an excuse to violate the fundamental, God-given rights of the individual? 

Has either one addressed these systemic problems of United States justice?

I cannot find either major candidate speaking out against the abuse of executive powers. In fact, there’s absolutely no indication that either one will uphold the rights of the U.S. citizen against government intrusion by the executive branch! What’s worse is the openly made statements by both camps about how they would use the power vested in them as President to issue freely executive orders to have their own way. Imagine Trump going ballistic when Congress refuses to follow one of his plans du jour and by-passing the usual channels with executive-order mania? What about Hillary going off half-cocked and determined to issue harsher gun-control executive orders after a public shooting?

Thankfully, running rough-shod over citizens is not the case with many or all of the third-party candidates running for the Oval Office this year. At least one of the independent parties is fully committed to reining in the executive branch when it is doing things like suspending the rights of U.S. citizens by detaining them through the broad powers of the N.D.A.A. (National Defense Authorization Act).

Darrell Castle of the Constitution Party has reasserted the restrictions on presidential power and executive action when he notes,

The President then has no legislative authority, none!

Dr. Jill Stein, and Gary Johnson, on the other hand, sound like they would go along with executive orders, although perhaps not as openly as Trump and Hillary. Like it or not, unfettered advocacy of executive orders just isn’t what the U.S. Constitution has in mind for the president.

Jill Stein does, however, offer a snippet of wisdom which many voters can relate to nowadays:

Neither party of the evils will do it for us.

This November doesn’t have to be about voting the “lesser evil” into office. God is in the voting booth along with the consciences of those who won’t settle for anything less than a third-party.

 Third party picture

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Is God in control, even when Nazis are in power? The faith of Dietrich Bonhoeffer was a lasting testament to the power of spiritual love over evil. WWII history was changed forever when this faithful servant stepped out and refused to compromise with evil.

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4 thoughts on “Pass the Third Party, Please!

  1. The constitution doesn’t really allow only 2 parties…we used to have just the federalists, then we got the Whigs and the what’s keeping it only 2 parties now?

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  2. Right! Now, it’s mostly money that keeping the country tied to two parties and that should not be an effective barrier against the rise of a powerful 3rd party.


  3. Brede Publishing

    Thanks Adam. In many ways Follow the Gandy Dancer is an evangelisticc book. Keep up the good work. Fred

    Brede Publishing

    HelpingAspiring Authors Self-publish 715-529-1327

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    • Yes, Fred! One can see a number of themes going on in that story as well as an evangelical slant to it. We are pushing the audio version this week with a special promotion through audiobook book. Really excited about that!


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