Redeeming Weeds

My husband had a cold for the last two weeks. He is one of those people who does not like to take medicine or any kind of drugs. While I am a huge baby when I am sick and will try anything to feel better, he likes to tough it out. This cold was bad enough that even he was willing to try sleeping with an onion poultice on his chest, which cleared up his congestion pretty well. But even though he was much better, some sinusitis symptoms still lingered. He was still suffering from sinus pressure.

While I was looking something up on-line, I serendipitously found that Creeping Charlie is a traditional remedy for sinusitis. Who would have thought that that worthless, invasive weed was good for anything? So I made a Creeping Charlie tea that seemed to relieve his lingering symptoms.

This lead me to learn about other useful weeds. I found that dandelion greens have twice the calcium and vitamin A contained in spinach and they can be used in much the same way.[1] This was great news because my spinach is not doing as well as I’d like. God used these weeds to remind me of his amazing provision for us. I didn’t have to plan, plant or care for dandelions or Creeping Charlie. I didn’t have to work for them. They were free gifts to me. I did nothing to earn them. God knew I would need them and so He provided them.

This was ironic because this week, my husband had also been working on the book, Lost at Starvation Lake. It is a story of God’s provision and how God works out his perfect plan in our lives. Just one more reminder of God’s goodness.

[1] Matthew Alfs, Edible & Medicinal Wild Plants of the Midwest (2012), p. 13.


Audiobook Nook

Hot off the press is the new audio book, Lost at Starvation Lake (Audible link here). Yours truly and author, Gary P. Hansen tag-teamed on this production which is Book 2 in the Starvation Lake trilogy. Lost continues the marital journey of newlywed couple, Paul and Sally Sinhuna, as they reach out in various ways to help others and learn the meaning of the Christian faith.  Along the way, they minister to widow, Susan LeForest, a character introduced in the first book. Locust & Honey Productions is very pleased with the final product and we think that you’ll find it both entertaining and edifying in your own journey.


Finally, Locust & Honey Productions is offering a very special promotion this week and this week only. Get a free audio book in exchange for a review of Warden Watch (Audible link here) by A.R. Horvath. This is a fun, young-adult story about Casey who goes on an amazing adventure into a realm which is both inside and outside of his world! Written with lots of classic fantasy-genre inspiration, such as the Lord of the Rings, this tale will inspire generations to grow in their understanding of the natural and super-natural realms. If you’d like to participate in this promotion, please message our page and provide us with your email address for speedy shipping of the free audio book coupon! (Audible membership required to take advantage of this offer.)


Well, as promised last week, here is the first part of the interview with Christian apologist, Pradeep Tilak, as he talks with us about Worldview Apologetics.


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