The Missing Puzzle Pieces in Obamacare (ACA)

So many words spent on Obamacare….both for and against. It truly had the makings of something great and turned out to be an expensive flop in the reality of so many. From what I have gathered, two key elements are missing from Obamacare that should have been in place from the beginning: affordability and participation choice. The former was supposed to be a part of the plan, but things turned out very differently. The latter is something fundamental and foundational to Americans and ultimately was dropped from the final version of Obamacare.1

Was this a classic case of “when the government takes control of something, it inevitably becomes more expensive” or was it rather greedy corporations who would make health care expensive, no matter how many regulations would have to be dodged? I honestly don’t know which of the two is true or whether it is a “both/and” situation.

I do know one thing for sure, though. I know absolutely about the one thing that will defeat the part of Obamacare that has been plaguing millions of Americans. It is taking charge of health within our own families and it is something that neither Obamacare nor any government plan can ever adequately cover. It has to do with the one issue that your legislators can never make government regulations for or against! That’s right. Your state or federal legislators cannot infringe upon the healthcare rights of your family and of the time that fathers choose to spend with their families. Having biological parents together with children has been demonstrated to have a significant impact upon the health of the children in that relationship, resulting in fewer medical issues and costs.2 That’s a powerful statement about health!

We cannot regulate families and the health of those families. That should be a logical tautology. But nowadays it bears repeating. Health (physical and spiritual) stems from Yahweh and the health/wholeness He provides through the family and the presence of fathers in the home. It does not come from legislative bodies which are part of a cultural and linguistic system.

Those families who have a father who is intensively involved in the family life will not need government health care. They have their own form of healthcare. I don’t mean to sound patriarchal. I understand fully that fathers and families are, to some extent, a cultural construct. But insofar as God has ordained families as a vehicle or means for conveying His truth (which is trans-cultural), then He has ordained health (both physical and spiritual) through that vehicle. When we get to heaven, of course, the family model or construct will be seen to be a temporary means to convey God’s truth. No one will need this partial way of understanding the immediacy of the glory and honor which will be rendered unto the triune God.

My father, Jon Zens, has just wrapped up his critique of a new strand or form of soteriological universalism which is entitled, Don’t Forget the Part about the Sheep and the Goats. He explores some reasons why not all unbelievers will become part of a comprehensive plan of inclusion. It is available only in ebook format at the moment, but we hope to make it available in audio book format by spring of 2016.

1 It seems that government regulation, while it may be able to infringe just barely on the right of insurance companies to charge exorbitant fees, has allowed insurance rates to climb “higher and higher” even for those who have “pre-existing conditions.” One online film vendor has become so passionate about the Obamacare cultural phenomenon that he has made hisvideo free.

2 Kwok Ho Chan, Ka Wai Terence Fung, and Ender Demir, “The Health and Behavioral Outcomes of Out-of-wedlock Children from Families of Social Fathers,” Review of Economics of the Household 13, no. 2 (6/2015): 385-411.

Dont forget the sheep and the goats cover art III

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