Living the Power of Love

You may wonder why I talk about marriage and family so much. It is because I want to see everyone happy and fulfilled. I want the people that I love (and even the ones that I don’t) to know God. That is what marriage and family have done for me. While I am far from mastering either, like most of life these things are perfected by doing them. While I realize that some are called to be single, I honestly do not believe many are.   Most of us practice our faith and get to know God through marriage and family. Having and raising a family are the gospel in action or applied apologetics, if you will.

I talked last week about understanding God’s passionate love for us through the picture of marriage. That is something you cannot understand unless you have experienced passionate, faithful, committed love. It changes your understanding of God entirely and it builds your faith. In the same way, you cannot understand God’s faithfulness unless you have committed to love someone when they were behaving in less than loveable ways. The Old Testament prophets speak continually of God’s faithful love for his bride even while she turns away. Those books paint a pretty graphic picture of the many ways that we stray from God. It is not possible to understand God’s constant unchanging love until you try loving someone when they are difficult and obstinate. It is impossible to be married without experiencing this at some point. It gives you a new appreciation of God’s love for you.

Marriage is also a testament of the power of love.   Adam’s love (or God’s love expressed through him) has changed the way that I think and the way that I behave.   The direct experience of God’s love has also changed me. Having witnessed what God can do through love encourages me to hold on to hope through difficult times.

Jesus “for the joy set before Him endured the cross,” (Hebrews 12:2). None of us are asked to endure a cross, although it may feel that way when we have to lay down our selfishness in order to love. It is difficult to appreciate how hard this is until you try it for a sustained period of time. The amazing part of all of this is that Jesus is both the motivation and the source of grace for our efforts. He is both the reason and the method for doing it. He is the reward. He has done a much harder thing than he is asking of us. He set an example. So loving our spouse is our act of love for our Lord. This act changes us. Loving God enables us to love and makes us better at the same time. And it’s fun. How cool is that?

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