Life as Sacrament

Faith is not just holding to right doctrine; it is meant to be lived out. Faith is not complete until it is acted on. “The just shall live by faith,”–Romans 1:17. “Show me your faith without deeds, and I will show my faith by my deeds”–James 2:18. God reveals Himself to us through our acts of faith. I like to borrow a word from our Catholic brethren that captures this truth so well—“sacrament.” Our lives are a sacrament to God. They are lived for Him, with Him, and through Him.408487_326507714034264_1797738343_n

This is a great time of year to remember where God has led us in our faith journeys. Our family likes to recall the times when God has spoken to us and revealed Himself both through his written and his incarnate Word. The times when we have felt his Spirit move in our lives and we knew that we were not leaning on our own strength, but upon the everlasting arms of the Savior.

Where has God led you during your time of reflection around advent? When God came down into human form and became this vulnerable child who would grow up as an ordinary human being who had to learn the Torah and how to bang nails and fasten boards together, He was showing us how He does not need to force His way into our lives. He can insinuate Himself by a simple sacrifice.

God has led us all down various paths. As Christmas approaches, let us purpose to remember the times when God has intervened in our path and used humbling means to bring about His awesome purposes. How has the Christ-Child shaped your destiny and your family?

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